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Activities during Self Isolation

Need some ideas of what to do during these times of Self Isolation? Well here are some suggestions for you to consider. Hopefully they will get you thinking about what else you may be able to do, with what you have on hand. Activities range from the what you may already do at home to the less obvious.

If you have children you will be able to have more quality time with them and do things together. Their education may also need to be continued at this time, so that can be a good way for both them and parents to be occupied.

Pets will also enjoy spending more time with you, including playing. Perhaps their gear may need some maintenance, so now may be the time for you to do it.

Keeping up your fitness will help reduce stress and help to keep you healthy.

Get back to making food items that you have neglected recently, or try some new food ideas while you have plenty of time to experiement.

Maybe spend some time on a hobby or sport you have neglected, or take up a new interest such as a musical instrument which is also good for mental exercise.

Do some maintenance on hobby or sporting equipment, ready for use after the self isolation has passed.

Plan activities for after the finish of the self isolation and Coronavirus.

Catch up on some good books or some online reading or watching, including your preferred activities and interests.

Catch up on other home maintenance items or improvements that have been let slip.

Communicate with family and friends.

Remember that Coronavirus will pass, and that life will improve again. Keep yourself and those around you, healthy and happy.

Some positives from Coronavirus

Although the Coronavirus outbreak has created huge challenges for everyone around the world, there are some positives developing from the situation for various aspects of our environment. Reports from many places around the world advise that due to the vastly reduced human and vehicle activity, things such as air quality has improved and water pollution is reducing.

Examples include that air pollution in Denmark has reduced by 30%, Columbia has opened up a network of bike lanes in their capital Bogota to reduce vehicle activity to help improve air quality which will help stop the spread of the Coronavirus, air pollution is clearing over northern Italy where also the Venice canals are becoming clear to enable them see aquatic life, cities in China report that Carbon Dioxide emissions are down by 25% during February, New York and Los Angeles air quality is reported to be vastly improved since people were made to stay home and there are very few vehicles on the roads.

Los Angles freeway with congestion.
Venice canals becoming clear so they can see fish and plant life.

The reduced use of fossil fuels which produce large amounts of Carbon Dioxide have also helped to contribute to the improvement which is evident from satellite images, such as those taken of parts of Europe and also China as shown below.

Combined NASA Satellite image of China over dates indicated.

Pollution in it’s various forms continues to reduce, according to reports which are widespread. But when after the Coronavirus has passed and Countries try to stimulate their economies, there is a huge danger that the environment may be ignored in search of cheap ways to provide energy, etc. Hopefully there will be strong consideration given to how we can maintain these environmental improvements where possible.

Action images to remind you of future fun times.

We don’t want to forget what great active things that we have done in the past, so to remind us of what fun we will do again in the future after the Covid19 situation has passed, here is a collection of images of just some of those terrific action things for you to look forward to.

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Images of the outside world we will see again soon

As a reminder of what we will be able to see again after the Covid19 virus has passed, here is a collection of splendid wildlife images to fill your visual senses and to help you to look forward to better times.

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Tiger sitting in the snow.
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Frog in water with butterfly on it's nose.
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Flying wild geese.
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Very small spider.
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Foreshore with seagulls flying above.
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Wrens preparing nest in nestbox.
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Beautiful Orchid flowers.
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Chipmunk on grass.
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Kangaroo with joey.

Field of flowers.
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Whale diving.
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Many Free online Apps to help you during Covid-19 isolation

The way we live is changing due to the Social-distancing and self-isolation measures across the world, and fortunately we can still access online a wide variety of things to help keep us occupied during this time. While there has been plenty of free suitable Apps, many items have now become free due to this current Covid-19 situation, so that you have even more to chose from. These free items include such things as relaxation Apps to help reduce your stress, home exercise workout Apps, library and educational resources including audio books and office software, and also there is a huge range of online movies, TV programmes, news sites, and entertainment on the many online sites around the world. The following are examples of what is available online. Note that you may be able to find suitable apps closer to where you live. Please note that we have no professional association with any of these sites or software, and that the information is based on independent reports.

Mental health specialists advise that it is best be proactive and to have a plan to manage your mental health during during these times. They advise that an easy way is to download one of these type of Apps, to help give you the feeling of being in control of the situation. There are many popular anxiety Apps that have added content specifically for Coronavirus related stress, and they are free. This includes helping you to cope when you may not be able to leave home, or can’t get to go and do what you like. The various Apps providers report an increase in the download of their meditation and other Apps related to relieving anxiety. To help people cope during the current Coronavirus situation, many of them have been prompted to provide free memberships, if they are not already free. The following is a list of a some of the many that are available. If what you have chosen does not suit you, then try another so that you do get what suits you.

Home exercise workout apps are designed to help keep strong and flexible when you can’t get to a gym, which is especially important when trying to remain healthy. The following apps, offering free and/or paid-for options, have been rated to give you clear instructions in video and/or audio, plus encouragement as you progress through the range of different workout ideas. Note that any exercise you can do, is better than none, as exercise stimulates the body’s resistance to viruses.

  • Aaptiv
  • Fitbit coach
  • Asana Rebel
  • Adidas Training and Running by Runtastic
  • Nike Training Club

Free education resources includes Audible Stories from Amazon, JSTOR is an academic resource library, Cambridge University Press has a range of academic textbooks available, plus local Libraries and similar facilities. Remember that some sites may experience congestion during this Covid19 situation.

Photo of mother and young toddler sitting on the floor with each online on laptop and ipad.

Communicating with friends and family, either by phone or online, is also recommended to help keep you in a positive attitude and maintain a feeling of being part of our world.

Another thing that you can do as the overall Covid19 situation progresses, is to plan for and look forward to what you will be able to do when it is all over.

Stay safe, and enjoy the available activities that bring you happiness.

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Smile Quotes to help your Happiness

Smiling is considered a reflection of the soul, so here is some help to bring out the smiles and brighten your day.

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