• Laughing is good for you
    Four happy teenage girls, smiling at camera on a sunny day.
    Images showing basically just the heads and shoulders of two men, one laughing with eyes closed, the other with back to camera.

  • Supporting Each Other is Important

    Supporting each other is important to all life forms, and here are some examples to help reinforce this important aspect of life. Growing the next generation, supporting and maintaining the current generation and it’s elders, are all important aspects of life.

  • Suggestions for your Health during Quarantine

    Most people will agree with Health professionals that social isolation during events such as the Covid19 situation is not ideal for our overall wellness.  In the pre-Covid19 pandemic world, social interaction and physical activity of varying amounts was the usual everyday occurrence for most humans.  The reduced interaction and activities due to the various levels and aspects of the quarantining is hard on our minds and bodies.  Different situations and degrees of quarantining require a variety of measures to keep you happy and healthy, so here are some tips from experts to help you keep on top of your situation.

    1. Retain a daily routine as close as possible to pre-quarantine situation.  That is try to keep the same times for waking up, eating, exercising, and working (if possible), with regard to limitations on going out.  These are things you can control.  Don’t stress about things you can’t control.
    2. Don’t be negative about things, especially with those who you are living with.  Complaining can generate a toxic environment for everyone.  If you really need to vent your negative feelings, then do it with trusted people outside of your quarantine situation.  Note that this is probably sound advice for everyday life.
    3. Continue to express love to your loved ones, allow plenty of time for them, especially if that is who you are quarantined with.
    4. Remember your self-care with plenty of sleep each night, plus other things such some time for your activities such as reading or watching TV, including those such as puzzles or gardening that take your mind off day to day worries.
    5. Stay connected with other people outside the quarantine situation, by phone, email, or when out of the home when possible.  Staying connected to other people is always a good thing.
    6. If you are working from home, set and maintain boundaries between home and work activities including a physical location and also times which was part of point 1 above.  Keeping them separate will enable you to wind down from work, therefore relaxing and being happier.
    7. If you are considering new work options, perhaps some online learning or courses may be of assistance.  Explore your options.  Perhaps someone you know may be of assistance or can guide you.
    8. Where possible, go for at a least a walk every day to provide your body with some exercise and your mind some time to relax.  Moderate physical activity is always good for your mood.
    9. Limit your time on technology things such as social media and TV, including limiting the negative impact of news services on your mood.  Take more time on other activities.
    10. If you are struggling with your situation, seek expert help such as counsellors, life coaches and other trusted professionals.
    11. Remember that Covid19 will pass, although it may not seem like it at times.
    12. Focus on the present and make the best of the situation.
  • Australian Coastal Scenes and Sunsets

    Sunset in Broome, Western Australia

    Jurien Bay, Western Australia

    Sunset in Whitsundays Islands of Queensland, Australia

    Whithaven Beach, Queensland, Australia

    Whitsunday Islands, Australia

    Esperance, Western Australia

    Wedge Island Beach, Western Australia

    Feeding fish at Coral Bay, Western Australia

  • Supporting each other

    Supporting each other is important to all life forms, and here are some examples to help reinforce this important aspect of life. Growing the next generation, supporting and maintaining the current generation and it’s elders, are all important aspects of life.

  • Activities during Self Isolation

    Need some ideas of what to do during these times of Self Isolation? Well here are some suggestions for you to consider. Hopefully they will get you thinking about what else you may be able to do, with what you have on hand. Activities range from the what you may already do at home to the less obvious.

    If you have children you will be able to have more quality time with them and do things together. Their education may also need to be continued at this time, so that can be a good way for both them and parents to be occupied.

    Pets will also enjoy spending more time with you, including playing. Perhaps their gear may need some maintenance, so now may be the time for you to do it.

    Keeping up your fitness will help reduce stress and help to keep you healthy.

    Get back to making food items that you have neglected recently, or try some new food ideas while you have plenty of time to experiement.

    Maybe spend some time on a hobby or sport you have neglected, or take up a new interest such as a musical instrument which is also good for mental exercise.

    Do some maintenance on hobby or sporting equipment, ready for use after the self isolation has passed.

    Plan activities for after the finish of the self isolation and Coronavirus.

    Catch up on some good books or some online reading or watching, including your preferred activities and interests.

    Catch up on other home maintenance items or improvements that have been let slip.

    Communicate with family and friends.

    Remember that Coronavirus will pass, and that life will improve again. Keep yourself and those around you, healthy and happy.

  • Some positives from Coronavirus

    Although the Coronavirus outbreak has created huge challenges for everyone around the world, there are some positives developing from the situation for various aspects of our environment. Reports from many places around the world advise that due to the vastly reduced human and vehicle activity, things such as air quality has improved and water pollution is reducing.

    Examples include that air pollution in Denmark has reduced by 30%, Columbia has opened up a network of bike lanes in their capital Bogota to reduce vehicle activity to help improve air quality which will help stop the spread of the Coronavirus, air pollution is clearing over northern Italy where also the Venice canals are becoming clear to enable them see aquatic life, cities in China report that Carbon Dioxide emissions are down by 25% during February, New York and Los Angeles air quality is reported to be vastly improved since people were made to stay home and there are very few vehicles on the roads.

    Los Angles freeway with congestion.
    Venice canals becoming clear so they can see fish and plant life.

    The reduced use of fossil fuels which produce large amounts of Carbon Dioxide have also helped to contribute to the improvement which is evident from satellite images, such as those taken of parts of Europe and also China as shown below.

    Combined NASA Satellite image of China over dates indicated.

    Pollution in it’s various forms continues to reduce, according to reports which are widespread. But when after the Coronavirus has passed and Countries try to stimulate their economies, there is a huge danger that the environment may be ignored in search of cheap ways to provide energy, etc. Hopefully there will be strong consideration given to how we can maintain these environmental improvements where possible.

  • Action images to remind you of future fun times.

    We don’t want to forget what great active things that we have done in the past, so to remind us of what fun we will do again in the future after the Covid19 situation has passed, here is a collection of images of just some of those terrific action things for you to look forward to.

    Photo by Wallace Chuck on

    Photo by Your Photo Trips on

    Photo by Sahil prajapati on

    Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

    Photo by Pixabay on

    Photo by Tim Mossholder on

    Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU on

    Photo by Brett Sayles on

    Photo by Pixabay on

    Photo by Caique Garcia on

    Photo by Pixabay on

    Photo by Immortal shots on

    Photo by Immortal shots on

    Photo by Pixabay on

    Photo by Patrick Case on

    Photo by Lukas on

    Photo by Raj Tatavarthy on

    Photo by Dorothy Castillo on

    Photo by Jacub Gomez on

    Photo by Patrick Case on

    Photo by Pixabay on

    Photo by Pixabay on

    Photo by APG Graphics on

  • Many Free online Apps to help you during Covid-19 isolation

    The way we live is changing due to the Social-distancing and self-isolation measures across the world, and fortunately we can still access online a wide variety of things to help keep us occupied during this time. While there has been plenty of free suitable Apps, many items have now become free due to this current Covid-19 situation, so that you have even more to chose from. These free items include such things as relaxation Apps to help reduce your stress, home exercise workout Apps, library and educational resources including audio books and office software, and also there is a huge range of online movies, TV programmes, news sites, and entertainment on the many online sites around the world. The following are examples of what is available online. Note that you may be able to find suitable apps closer to where you live. Please note that we have no professional association with any of these sites or software, and that the information is based on independent reports.

    Mental health specialists advise that it is best be proactive and to have a plan to manage your mental health during during these times. They advise that an easy way is to download one of these type of Apps, to help give you the feeling of being in control of the situation. There are many popular anxiety Apps that have added content specifically for Coronavirus related stress, and they are free. This includes helping you to cope when you may not be able to leave home, or can’t get to go and do what you like. The various Apps providers report an increase in the download of their meditation and other Apps related to relieving anxiety. To help people cope during the current Coronavirus situation, many of them have been prompted to provide free memberships, if they are not already free. The following is a list of a some of the many that are available. If what you have chosen does not suit you, then try another so that you do get what suits you.

    Home exercise workout apps are designed to help keep strong and flexible when you can’t get to a gym, which is especially important when trying to remain healthy. The following apps, offering free and/or paid-for options, have been rated to give you clear instructions in video and/or audio, plus encouragement as you progress through the range of different workout ideas. Note that any exercise you can do, is better than none, as exercise stimulates the body’s resistance to viruses.

    • Aaptiv
    • Fitbit coach
    • Asana Rebel
    • Adidas Training and Running by Runtastic
    • Nike Training Club

    Free education resources includes Audible Stories from Amazon, JSTOR is an academic resource library, Cambridge University Press has a range of academic textbooks available, plus local Libraries and similar facilities. Remember that some sites may experience congestion during this Covid19 situation.

    Photo of mother and young toddler sitting on the floor with each online on laptop and ipad.

    Communicating with friends and family, either by phone or online, is also recommended to help keep you in a positive attitude and maintain a feeling of being part of our world.

    Another thing that you can do as the overall Covid19 situation progresses, is to plan for and look forward to what you will be able to do when it is all over.

    Stay safe, and enjoy the available activities that bring you happiness.

    Photo of scene of green meadow and snow capped mountains in background, with young lady sitting on the grass with a laptop on lap and wearing health safety mask.
    Photo by Anna Shvets on

  • Wise Quotes to help you get through the tough times.

    Inner strength is called on when times get tough. Use these wise words to help build and maintain your inner strength.

    Quote about how to get through tough times.

    Quote about not giving up.

    This quote may apply to those who are working on a vaccine for the Coronavirus.

  • Success and Failure Quote by Winston Churchill

    Quote by Winston Churchill.

    Woman with bicycle on sidewalk.
    Photo by Inga Seliverstova on

  • Green up for St Patrick’s Day

    Even if you’re not Irish, it is good fun to get into some green things for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations where seeing green means you’re celebrating right. The day is celebrated in a variety of ways around the world, so you will need to adapt the following suggestions to suit where you may want to be a part of the festivities. With a little effort and not needing the luck of the Irish, you can come up with some green items and clothing that will get you in the festive mood and having you look the part.

    The image below has examples of great green clothing and accessories that can be obtained or created yourself, to have you looking your best for St. Patrick’s Day.

    Saint Patrick's Day parade with lots of Green.  Three ladies dressed in a variety of green items, to get them in the festive mood.

    If going to a parade, this may provide some suggestions.

    Crowd scene of people with lots of green clothing and accessories at a St Patrick's Day parade.

    Perhaps you may want to include your pets, so the image below has an example of an easy and fun item.

    Dog with head band with a green Irish hat, for St Patrick's Day.
    Photo by Laurie Gouley on

    Just an item or two can be enough to get you looking like you are part of the festivities, like these people.

    Four people in some green clothes celebrating St Patrick's Day.

    If really getting into the mood of a parade or party, these people may inspire you choice of what to get.

    Three people with complete gree outfits and gear at a St Patrick's Day parade.

    These people are also great examples for getting into the parade gear.

    St Patrick's Day parade people dressed in a variety of green items.

    Most of all, if there is the opportunity of festivities, then be a part of it.

    St Patrick's Day people in green clothes and items celebrating the day.


  • Beach Scenes

    Sandy Beaches can provide an image of calmness, relaxation and fun.

    Beautiful scene of Beach with people rigging on a lawn of sailboards and kiteboards. Motor vehicles and people in distance along the shore towards a small rocky island. Photo: Lookn into it

    Picturesque Beach scene with white sand extending away from viewer. Clear blue sky. Small wavelets on shore. Photo:

    Picturesque Beach scene with white sand, looking seawards with sunlight sparkling on the water and sailboarders in the distance.  Woman standing towards the ocean.
    Picturesque Beach scene with white sand, looking seawards with sunlight sparkling on the water and sailboarders in the distance. Photo: Lookn into it

    Beautiful White sandy beach next to near calm ocean, light clouds, seagull flying, boats at anchor and houses in the distance.
    Beautiful White sandy beach next to near calm ocean, light clouds, seagull flying, boats at anchor and houses in the distance. Photo: Lookn into it

    Whitewater of ocean shore waves just breaking, waves also breaking in left of image, and shore is visible in distance.
    Photo: Lookn into it
    Picturesque scene of many Sailboards sailing on ocean near shore.  Blue sky and water.
    Picturesque scene of many Sailboards sailing on ocean near shore. Photo: Lookn into it

    Beautiful Beach with white sand and small waves lapping the edge.  Water has many shades of blue.  Sky is clear and a beautiful shade of blue.
    Beautiful Beach with white sand and small waves lapping the edge. Water has many shades of blue. Sky is clear and a beautiful shade of blue.
    Photo: Lookn into it.

    Picturesque scene of Beach with tee shaped jetty and the setting sun slightly visible in left of image.  Beach is white sand.
    Picturesque scene of Beach with tee shaped jetty and the setting sun slightly visible in left of image. Beach is white sand.

    Picturesque Calm ocean wave breaking gently in foreground with slightly larger wave behind about to break.
    Picturesque Calm ocean wave breaking gently in foreground with slightly larger wave behind about to break. Photo: Lookn into it

    Beautiful beach scene with clean white sand, clear blue sky and small waves breaking on the shore.  In the distance there are two motor vehicles parked on the shore which has sand hills behind.
    Beautiful beach scene with clean white sand, clear blue sky and small waves breaking on the shore. In the distance there are two motor vehicles parked on the shore which has sand hills behind. Photo: Lookn into it

  • Highway to Hell event remembering Bon Scott

    Some of the action from the event to remember the works of Bon Scott and AC-DC, held in Perth, Western Australia. There was 10 kilometres of highway closed to create one huge stage to drive along eight trucks with a band on each playing AC-DC songs, to the audience stretched along the length of the highway through suburbs from Perth to Fremantle where Bon Scott had lived, and where he is buried.

  • Workplace Advice

    Some words to help you in your working life.

    Three workmen discussing worksheet.
    Advice about workplace mentors.
    Group of office workers discussing work on a ipad screen.

  • Laughing can be good for you
    Four happy teenage girls, smiling at camera on a sunny day.
    Images showing basically just the heads and shoulders of two men, one laughing with eyes closed, the other with back to camera.

  • Life is Beautiful Quotes

    These are some quotes to remind us about what is always there for us.

    Living our Life has many aspects that can be regarded to be beautiful, even minor things like having time for a morning coffee or cup of tea, spending time with people who we value, and the place we live. Sometimes we forget just how good it is to be alive. So try to remember to see it in the people and environment we live in.

    You will have seen this quote playing out during your life, and not always in ways that are apparent at the time. We all reflect, at various times and ways, the actions and values of people that are part of our world. So for a better world, we need to consider this quote.

  • Help with Big Decisions

    Sometimes when needing to make big decisions in our life, it can be difficult to do. Research by reputable organisations has provided several options to help you with making that important choice or path in life.

    The old advice of sleeping overnight on it is a very good option. Research has shown that when asleep our brains have time to process all the various inputs and put them into context for you, plus it may also provide other options or ideas which you may not have thought of while awake and feeling under pressure to make that important decision.

    Taking a long walk has also been shown to be very beneficial for giving your brain time to process all the information, including your emotions, about what you are trying to decide.

    Also, just having a break from the decision making area and possibly have a refreshing drink and a snack, will once again give you time to contemplate the options for the decision to be made.

    The essence of the research indicates that you need to provide your brain with time away from other distractions, including the pressure of the situation, to let your brain time to process all the information. Remember that the bigger the decision, also the longer time frame of the result of the decision, and the less you are familiar with the subject to be decided, the more time you should give yourself time to develop the decision.

    Once the decision has been made, be happy with the decision.

  • Feel Good Summer Days

    Most people look forward to that time of year when they get time to enjoy Summer time, be it relaxing or a favourite activity. These are experiences that can provide lasting feelings and memories.

    Immaculate bar and shade cover next to native canoe type craft, overlooking a beautiful white beach and light blue sea, with palm trees along the beach edge.

    Maybe these images can help to remind you of good times and places, or perhaps help you develop ideas about would be good for you. Everyone has different concepts of what helps to have that Summer feel good experience.

    Picturesque scene overlooking building and large jetty on shore next to large tropical bay with lots of moored boats and an island.

    Items that may enable our memory to be recalled, can be when seeing an object from that place or time, a photo of that place or a photo of that activity.

    Beautiful looking Tropical cocktails lined up along bar top.

    Sometimes it may just be that favourite drink that recalls that summer feeling.

    Scenic calm beach with white sand.

    A quiet beach where you can relax and be worry free.

    Scenic street view looking down a long slope with building close to kerb on both sides, and countryside fading away in the distance.

    Your photos will help reinforce that feel good memory and should be located in a convenient location for you to see at suitable times. Locations may be on your phone or a framed image on an item of furniture.

    Beautiful scene of Woman running followed by dog, with setting sun behind them.

  • Quotes for the new day

    These quotes from famous people may be just what is needed for our times.

  • Kindness Quotes

    Two quotes for contemplating.

  • Amusement on Long Drive

    It is interesting to see what some people will do to provide amusement for themselves and fellow travellers, when driving on a long road journey. Here is an example of what can be seen at an isolated but scenic roadside stopping location, in the north west of Western Australia.

    Multiple travellers have contributed a variety of items over a long period of time, set up to appear to be looking over the coastal plain which stretches away from them.

    Note the way the some figures have been placed in various reclining positions while still appearing to be taking in the view. Amongst it all are messages and “quotes” to help provide further amusement.

    It all makes a nice relief from the sometimes tedious long journey.

  • Looking for Success

    Successful people can be an excellent source of information to help others learn how to succeed.

    One quote that is usually provided is that it can all start with the right idea and the conviction to stick to that idea. It can also mean changing established thinking, something which is not always easy.

    Most importantly is to do something that you are good at, do what you like, and make sure you are surrounded by people who you like. These are obviously not always easily put together, but can be used as a goal in the process.

    Another point that may often be provided, is that there will always be the challenges of being confronted with problems, and that they should be solved immediately. History shows that problems left unresolved, can sometimes have many unforeseen consequences.

    Sometimes the journey can be a long one, and really test the resolve of those involved. So a ensure that the project is achievable, and not a pipe dream. Consulting with well informed people is always a good choice. Also ensure that those sharing the journey are with you.

    Don’t be afraid to alter the path to the ultimate goal to enable adapting to a variety of changing circumstances, which can quite often happen in our changing world.

    Also remember, failure is not such a bad thing, for at least you tried your best.

    Success can sometimes also be regarded as enjoying the journey.

    No matter what is to be regarded as success, ensure it is enjoyed, as a lack of enjoyment can lead to a lack of fulfilment which can lead to abandoning a project and is also not an indicator of success on a personal level.

  • Little lifts in life

    Maybe you have a pet or farm type animal, know of someone’s pet or maybe some local wildlife that help to make your day.  It can be the little things they do that can lift your spirits or make you smile.  At times we probably don’t realise how important these things are to our happiness and enjoyment of life.  So next time some animal’s action gives your spirits a lift or makes you smile, remember to enjoy the moment.

    These are some such moments for you to also enjoy.

  • Valuable Lesson

  • Unconditional Love by Dogs

    There have been countless examples of unconditional love given by dogs to their human companions. Many recorded instances have been of dogs in all types of life styles and places in our world, including when the human has passed away and the dog continues to morn their passing in obvious ways, over a long period of time. The enjoyment of each other’s company with obvious displays of enjoyment by the dog, including for children a snuggle, can enhance the bond between people and dogs. Dogs can become part our family and as such help us, especially children, to learn about that important emotional connection we get with unconditional love, which can be seen in these photos.

    Image credit: shutterstock

    Image credit: shutterstock

    The bond may be strongest when the dog has a role to assist the person with some aspect of their life, such as a seeing eye dog. They share many physical and emotional adventures over many years, where the dog can become part of the family and as such can become inseparable from their human companion.

    Image credit: shutterstock

    Image credit: shutterstock

    This close bond can enable us to become emotionally better and more stable people, which can help equip us to better cope with the many aspects of our journey through life. This especially applies to children as they experience this unconditional love.

    Image credit: shutterstock

    Image credit: shutterstock

    Even the very young dog can display the enjoyment of the companionship of a human. Dogs willingly continue to take part in many human activities, enjoying the moment and even encouraging people to repeat or continue it. They have progressed well beyond fetching a ball and can be seen doing a wide variety of activities.

    Image credit: shutterstock

    Image credit: shutterstock

    A dog’s obvious display of joy when they see their human companion, is something that can lift your spirits and bring happiness to your day. The sight of a dog welcoming home their human companion, with tail wagging wildly, is certainly a treasured moment for both.

    Image credit: shutterstock

    Image credit: shutterstock

    Sometimes we can feel that the world could do with more of this type of unconditional love, so perhaps more people should be encouraged to experience this positive bond between a pet and their human companion.

  • Do you cry when it is over – Quotes

    Here are two quotes for you to consider.

    Sad face caricature.
    Quote by Dr Seuss.
    Happy face caricature.

    But if you can’t raise a smile ………….

    Quote about calling Mum.
    Cartoon image of teenage girl on phone.

  • Awkward Moment when

    So maybe consider the following quote ……….

  • Unlikely Animal Friends

    There have been many unlikely friendships between a variety of animals during the last decade.  Here are some great examples that show animals are not forced to be friends and really do enjoy each other’s company, including playing together.

    A Giraffe and an Ostrich became good friends and willingly spent lots of time together in a large enclosure of 65 acres in the US. Image credits: PA

    A wild fox and a domestic dog met in the forests of Norway and also became the best of friends, spending lots of time together including playing.  The dog’s owner provided the images. Image credits: Torgeir Berge

    A Labrador willingly took up the care of a young Duckling after it’s mother was seriously injured. Image credits:  SWNS

    A wild Deer and a Rabbit were seen together, showing another unusual close friendship. Image credits:  Tanja Askani

    An Elephant and a Labrador in a game reserve in the US also showed that size does not matter when they formed a strong bond and spent lots of time together including swimming when the dog used the Elephant as a diving board. Image credits: Barry Bland

    Two Tiger cubs were adopted by a Chimpanzee (and it’s caretaker) after the cubs were rescued following a natural disaster at a US animal reserve. Image credits:  Barry Bland.


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