Welcome to a selection of video subjects including clever animals, funny stuff and amazing people to entertain you.

Cats Cute and Funny

The young girl is trying to get the ship to toot it’s horn, but may not expect what happens.

This is a brilliant example how very Cunning a Bird can be as it Lures a Fish closer to itself and then catches the fish. I demonstrates that it is worthwhile developing a good plan and being very patient. Very clever Bird.

Smart Dog is very patient as it plays this game with it’s owner. Amazing.

Amusing and fun running game between a Chicken and a dog.

Charlie Bit Me, Again is a classic video which you can get a good laugh with.

Some classic very funny incidents caught on video.


Deer is playing in a small water hole, thinking no one is watching. Having a great time.

Amazing spectacle of this school of fish moving as one as they feed on the bottom of the ocean.


Have you ever thought you had lost your phone, but everyone else can see where it is?

You Laugh You Lose game between these two very funny men. Lots of Laughs.

Action at Universal Studio in the year 2000, includes Jaws, Floods and Fire in a fuel Tanker.


Spectacular Hang Gliding above the clouds, taking off from high on a mountain.

Very Funny Cats collection.


Graceful Figure Skating in a very Scenic Location of a Frozen Lake with a backdrop of Mountains.

Cats doing Funny stuff to give you a Laugh.


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