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  • Fascinating Cat Facts and a Myth

    Do Cats have Nine Lives?

    Most animals need to be more alert than humans due to their needing to be alert to evade predators or when being predators they need to outwit their prey if they are to survive.  Of all domestic animals, the cat is the most reliant on alertness which it has inherited from it’s ancestors.  A cat’s quick wits and instant reflexes are the characteristics of wild felines.

    A cat’s combination of caution, agility and rapid reaction to emergency has become part of folklore.  The prevailing myth of the cat’s ability to find a way to survive wherever possible, has created the idea of it having multiple lives, but in reality it has only one.

    Photo by Hiang Kanjinna on

    Why do Cats always land on their feet?

    Cats have been observed to survive falls without significant injury from heights much higher than could be reasonably expected.

    A reason that they survive falls that would kill a human, is that they weigh much less than a human.  This gives the cat a lower terminal velocity, so that as they fall they reach a point where their acceleration caused by gravity is offset by air resistance.

    Experts have analysed high speed photos of cat’s high falls, that show the cat’s ability to extend all four legs sideways, similar to gliding mammals who also use this concept of greater exposed area to create a cushion of air below it, which cat’s use to give them a greater control over their fall.  This lets the cats fall the right way up, not like a human who may tumble uncontrollably in a free fall situation. When a cat is falling, it’s senses quickly tell it which way is the correct way up, thus enabling it to instantly twist it’s agile body into a position for a safer landing.  As it hits the ground, it’s feet will be spread out and they will flex, enabling the cat to absorb the impact, which is also enhanced by the cat’s muscles joining directly to and surrounding the bone, not with ligaments as in some other creatures.

  • Animal Friends which few people get to see.

    We see some of our pets becoming good friends, and sometimes at a zoo or wild life park we may also see a variety of animals being friends outside of their family, pack or species partially due to not needing to hunt for food or being raised by humans, but also we have found some animals in the natural world that are showing that being good friends with another species is more common than we think, even when normally they are predator and prey. We may never know why some of these friends do happen, but we can still enjoy seeing that it does happen. Here are some images of these “different” friendships, some which may surprise you.

    In the wild, there are associations such as this type of crab and sea urchin that depend on each other for hunting and protection. The urchin crab gets carries the the fire sea urchin around and the sea urchin provides a safe place for the crab to shelter from predators or even as a weapon for the crab. The fire sea urchin is poisonous.

    In September 2019 a wildlife camera in Africa captured this shot of a buffalo giving a ride to a genet which is a small cat related carnivore. It was reported that the same genet had also been riding on a rhino. Certainly a safe place and good viewing platform for the genet.

    Photo by Thomas B. on

    This mouse was seen getting a ride on a frog during the early onset of the monsoon rains in India.

    A baby hippopotamus was rescued after surviving a devastating a tsunami and was taken to an animal sanctuary in Kenya, where it became good friends with a rescued tortoise.

    This Great Dane was reported in 2010 to have adopted the fawn after it was abandoned by it’s mother, and the story featured on a video by National Geographic.

    This Buffalo has two birds getting a ride and obtaining some protection, plus the smaller bird is doing some cleaning of insect parasites on the Buffalo.

    The monkey and friend were captured working together gathering for food.

    Zebra‘s have these Oxpecker birds on them to eat their ticks and other parasites that annoy Zebras. It is a relationship that works well for both, with the Zebras free from ticks and the birds get a good meal of ticks. The birds also alert the Zebras when the birds sense danger, so it is an extra good partnership for the species.

    This image from a wildlife reserve shows a monkey and a Zebra with a good relationship, which provides the monkey with a safe place and the Zebra with a warning against dangers.

    This friendship between an ostrich and a baby elephant is a good example of what happens when animals are in the safety of a wildlife park. Very comforting to both.

    These images were caught on a wildlife camera showing the trusting friendship between a deer and a wolf. Being both day and night images with time records, shows they stayed together for mutual benefit.

    These Mongoose have teamed up with a Red River Hog which provides a warning system for the Hog while it is resting and provides the Mongoose with protection from predators.

    The squirrel and the small bird show they can be friends.

    A cat and a pet pig enjoying each others company.

    This deer was seen in Buffalo, New York to be guarding this Canadian Goose for the complete time she was on her nest, and later was reported to be protecting the baby goslings from crows.

  • Images of the outside world we will see again soon

    As a reminder of what we will be able to see again after the Covid19 virus has passed, here is a collection of splendid wildlife images to fill your visual senses and to help you to look forward to better times.

    Photo by Anthony on

    Photo by Freddie Ramm on

    Photo by Andrew Mckie on

    Photo by Cesar Aguilar on

    Photo by Pixabay on

    Photo by Pixabay on

    Photo by Pixabay on

    Tiger sitting in the snow.
    Photo by Pixabay on

    Frog in water with butterfly on it's nose.
    Photo by Pixabay on

    Flying wild geese.
    Photo by Pixabay on

    Very small spider.
    Photo by Pixabay on

    Foreshore with seagulls flying above.
    Photo by Julia Kuzenkov on

    Wrens preparing nest in nestbox.
    Photo by Kevin Blanzy on

    Beautiful Orchid flowers.
    Photo by on

    Chipmunk on grass.
    Photo by Pixabay on

    Kangaroo with joey.

    Field of flowers.
    Photo by Pixabay on

    Whale diving.
    Photo by Pixabay on

  • Sweet and Cute Baby Animals

    These wonderful photos of cute baby animals will help to continue a fascination with young creatures.  Thank you and well done to the photographers for these inspiring shots. We hope you enjoy these images.

  • Cute Cats on the Jump

    Some cute cat antics caught in some amazing jumping positions, to help take your mind off current World challenges.

    Two cute cats jumping for a toy.
    Photo by Gratisography on
    Cute cat leaping at a butterfly.

    Cute cat doing a huge jump.

    Cat shown in a twist at mid-air of high jump.

    Cat leaping from high position.

    Cat descending from huge jump.

    Cat in a contorted twist while leaping large distance.

    Cat mid way through long jump, with claws extended.

    Cat in mid air as part of high leap.

    cat on upward part of high leap.

    Cat leaping between two high points.
    Front view of domestic cut jumping against blue clear sky

    Cat in mid-air descending from big leap.

    Cat twisting while descending from high leap.

    Persian Cat in mid-air of high leap.


  • Action Dogs

    Plenty of action from all these dogs, showing their agility and enjoyment. Mostly at play, using their ability to move fast, swim, surf and jump.

    Action image of a White dog leaping out of the water, looking as if at play.
    Photo by Shane Aldendorff on

    Action image of a medium size dog  with ball in it's mouth, jumping over a log in a woodlands scene.
    Photo by cheptu00e9 cormani on

    Catching a wave is the favourite activity for some.

    We hope you enjoyed this collection of activities.

  • Cats being Purrfect

    Here are some cats doing what they do best. Entertain you.

    Cute cat sitting in a shopping bag.
    Photo by Vadim B on

    Cute Fluffy long furred cat running through long grass.
    Photo by Lynn Elder on

    Cute cat sitting in front of bright blue doors.
    Photo by Lucas Pezeta on

    Cute cat looking over edge of furniture, only half face visible.
    Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on

  • Cats and Dogs keep watching You

    Do you have the feeling of continually being watched and you can’t seem to be alone anywhere!

    You look around to find them there, looking …..

    At other times your pet may try to not be noticed while watching you.

    You move away, but they still keep watching.

    Or they move closer with their favourite ball or play thing. Watching, watching and waiting for you to crumble under their pressure and to play with them.

    You may be busy, but still they watch with pleading looks.

    But you can’t ignore their love of your companionship.

  • Cats and Dogs playing

    They have a long standing reputation for fighting each other, but that is not always the case, as is shown in these photos of playing and enjoying each other’s company.

    Care should be taken with their play, to ensure that they are safe around each other. This is especially the case with size differences when the larger one may forget the possible implications on the smaller one.

    Running games can be very enjoyable for both.

    Growing up together can be beneficial for both, as they learn to understand the behaviour of the other.

    Good fun for all.

  • Penguins Cool

    Penguins are extremely hardy creatures, as they thrive in the coldest environment on Earth with some species, such as the Emperor Penguin, living year round on the ice.

    Climate change provides huge threats for many Penguin species, as it impacts many aspects of our World, such as when there is large reduction in ice fields. We can be thankful that many groups and people provide images of these creatures and their environment, which helps to gauge any changes that occur.

    Photo credit Christopher Michel

    This Emperor Penguin is jumping out of the water after being out looking for food, and is probably about join the group shown in the background.

    A breeding colony of Emperor Penguins.

    A baby Emperor Penguin enjoying life with one of it’s parents, and being out from between the parent’s legs where it usually stays.

    Photo: James Lusk

    Some of these are on their belly, ready to push off with their feet to slide along, instead of their slower walking speed.

    Fairy Penguins can be found in many locations such as southern Australia, especially at breeding time as shown with this pair in front of a burrow that is typically used.

    Photo by Laurie Goodman

    Gentoo Penguins on the move.

    A Gentoo Penguin jumping out of the water, probably to improve it’s speed while trying catch some prey.

    Enjoying some sunshine.

    A pair of Jackass Penguins, pausing while getting to know each other.

    A big group of young Emperor Penguins being looked after by some adults, while other adults are away hunting for food for their young.

    Caught in mid air as it leaves the water in a way that Penguins are well known for.

    Some of a large colony of Emperor Penguins.

    Photo credit Gary Miller

    Baby Emperor Penguin checking it’s new world.

    Another breeding colony, these with a well developed young which is good to see that they are continuing to thrive.

    Thank you to all the photographers for these great shots and for being in the right place at the right time.

  • Wild about animals

    While these are not domestic animals, they can still be appreciated for their beauty and at times also their cute factor. The photographers have done a great job of capturing these images at just the right moment.

    The dark background provides an opportunity to see him, when usually he would blend into the surroundings.

    Koala bears in a group has provided an ideal photo opportunity, for an animal that is not usually seen together like this.

    King Penguins on the move. This one parent appears to be looking after all these young while their parents are away obtaining food for the young.

    Squirrels enjoying life.

    Meercat parent and young family make a good photo with the sunlight position.

    No camouflage for this confident hunter, on the lookout.

    Kangaroo on the alert to ensure the safety of all.

    A quiet moment for these Foxes.

    Enjoying an opportunity for some Elephant play time.

    These images remind us of how important it is to ensure a healthy world environment, so we can continue to see all wild creatures.

  • Cats and Dogs friends

    These are carefully selected images in this collection which we hope you will enjoy.

    Look for more of our cat and dog collections.

  • Cats n Kittens being cute

    Cats and Kittens continue to hold a fascination for young and old. If you are one of these people, this collection of images may be just what you enjoy.

    Look out for our next collection of cute cats and kittens.

  • Animals Looking Cute

    Assorted cute animal images for your enjoyment.

    Mum checking on junior.
    Reaching out?
    Puppy with a big yawn.
    Inquisitive about their new world.
    Keeping close.
    On the lookout with mum.
    Caught in mid action?
    Meercat togetherness.
    That look!

    We hope you have enjoyed this varied collection of cute animals, and we hope you will look out for our next collection.

  • Cute Animals to enjoy

    Another collection of animal images for your enjoyment.

    Australian Numbat.
    Woollen comfort.
    Young Deer.
    Best of friends at an animal sanctuary.
    Australian Quokka.
    Puppy fun.
    Loving time with mum.
    Pet rabbit.
    King Penguin family time.
    Ready to get to know the world.

    Look out for more of our image collections for your enjoyment.

  • Cute Animal Moments

    A collection of cute animal images for your enjoyment.

    A Red Panda relaxing.
    Squirrel trying an unusual eating position.
    New Best Friends.
    Mum on the lookout.
    Fell asleep while playing.
    Enjoying sun on the ice.
    Red Panda cubs adopted by a dog at an animal shelter.
    Tiger cubs enjoying time together.
    Koala mum and baby.
    New mane style?

    We hope you enjoyed these images. More will be available soon.

  • Clever but playful dog

    A woman and her family had two playful boxer dogs, Max and Daisy.  One day she gave them each a bone.  They both enjoyed them for a while, then Max decided that he wanted to play, so he went off and hid his.

    Max came back and tried to pester Daisy to join in, but she wasn’t interested.  He kept doing silly things, such as running around and jumping at her, but nothing worked. He stood and thought for a minute, then started to walk away.  Suddenly, bang, he fell over flat on his side and lay still, as though he was dead. Daisy watched as she chewed her bone, then the chewing got slower as she tilted her head to look at him.  Max remained totally still.  Finally it got the better of her, and Daisy got up and went over for a look.

    Max jumped up and pounced on her, then grabbed her bone and took off.  The chase was on.

    From a report by Wendy B

  • Little lifts in life

    Maybe you have a pet or farm type animal, know of someone’s pet or maybe some local wildlife that help to make your day.  It can be the little things they do that can lift your spirits or make you smile.  At times we probably don’t realise how important these things are to our happiness and enjoyment of life.  So next time some animal’s action gives your spirits a lift or makes you smile, remember to enjoy the moment.

    These are some such moments for you to also enjoy.

  • Unconditional Love by Dogs

    There have been countless examples of unconditional love given by dogs to their human companions. Many recorded instances have been of dogs in all types of life styles and places in our world, including when the human has passed away and the dog continues to morn their passing in obvious ways, over a long period of time. The enjoyment of each other’s company with obvious displays of enjoyment by the dog, including for children a snuggle, can enhance the bond between people and dogs. Dogs can become part our family and as such help us, especially children, to learn about that important emotional connection we get with unconditional love, which can be seen in these photos.

    Image credit: shutterstock

    Image credit: shutterstock

    The bond may be strongest when the dog has a role to assist the person with some aspect of their life, such as a seeing eye dog. They share many physical and emotional adventures over many years, where the dog can become part of the family and as such can become inseparable from their human companion.

    Image credit: shutterstock

    Image credit: shutterstock

    This close bond can enable us to become emotionally better and more stable people, which can help equip us to better cope with the many aspects of our journey through life. This especially applies to children as they experience this unconditional love.

    Image credit: shutterstock

    Image credit: shutterstock

    Even the very young dog can display the enjoyment of the companionship of a human. Dogs willingly continue to take part in many human activities, enjoying the moment and even encouraging people to repeat or continue it. They have progressed well beyond fetching a ball and can be seen doing a wide variety of activities.

    Image credit: shutterstock

    Image credit: shutterstock

    A dog’s obvious display of joy when they see their human companion, is something that can lift your spirits and bring happiness to your day. The sight of a dog welcoming home their human companion, with tail wagging wildly, is certainly a treasured moment for both.

    Image credit: shutterstock

    Image credit: shutterstock

    Sometimes we can feel that the world could do with more of this type of unconditional love, so perhaps more people should be encouraged to experience this positive bond between a pet and their human companion.

  • Animal and People Friends

    It’s fair to say that many people enjoy the friendship of domestic animals, while many also have had the opportunity to be friends with wild animals. This friendship includes a special trust between the person and the animal, especially by animals which are usually in the wild. Here is a collection of images which show the special bond of friendship between people with their favourite friend.

    A Tiger from the wild has established a strong bond with it’s human carer.

    The special mutual bond between a child and their pet.

    Obviously happy to see each other.

    Good friends, even for such a young animal.

    Sometimes food helps to create that trust between the two.

    Absolute trust and enjoyment of their friendship.

    A dog can provide unconditional love.

    Sometimes it may be a brief friendship, but still enjoyed by both.

    A tiger and a monk share a very unique friendship.

    These domestic pets show their obvious interest in whatever their human companion is doing.

    A wild gorilla sharing a moment with a protector in a wildlife reserve.

    A squirrel enjoying the company of it’s favourite human.

    A bear, a tiger and a human sharing a friendship is extremely unusual, but this shows it can happen and be rewarding for all.

    Young friends indeed.

    Enjoying each other company.

    Plenty of happy domestic animals here.

    Friendship in a wildlife reserve.

    A lifetime of respect shown here by the famous Jane Goodall.


Lots of Laughs with these Cats
A wonderful effort by this dog to help stop the traffic so the children can safely cross the street.
More funny Cats

Photo by Thomas B. on


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