You can Feel Good with Summer Daze

Most people look forward to that time of year when they get time to enjoy Summer time, be it relaxing or a favourite activity. These are experiences that can provide lasting feelings and memories.

Immaculate bar and shade cover next to native canoe type craft, overlooking a beautiful white beach and light blue sea, with palm trees along the beach edge.

Maybe these images can help to remind you of good times and places, or perhaps help you develop ideas about would be good for you. Everyone has different concepts of what helps to have that Summer feel good experience.

Picturesque scene overlooking building and large jetty on shore next to large tropical bay with lots of moored boats and an island.

Items that may enable our memory to be recalled, can be when seeing an object from that place or time, a photo of that place or a photo of that activity.

Beautiful looking Tropical cocktails lined up along bar top.

Sometimes it may just be that favourite drink that recalls that summer feeling.

Scenic calm beach with white sand.

A quiet beach where you can relax and be worry free.

Scenic street view looking down a long slope with building close to kerb on both sides, and countryside fading away in the distance.

Your photos will help reinforce that feel good memory and should be located in a convenient location for you to see at suitable times. Locations may be on your phone or a framed image on an item of furniture.

Beautiful scene of Woman running followed by dog, with setting sun behind them.


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