You too can be Laid Back, Learn how with these simple methods.

If you envy people who seem to let nothing bother them, and wonder how someone can remain calm and cool in today’s world which can be stressful at times.  Their secrets have been revealed by studies of this type of person, and have provided simple strategies that you can follow to help you too stay calm and forget that stressed feeling.

Be comfortable with who you are.  When you are not confident with yourself or your abilities, it is easy to be upset and take their words personally and possibly ready to fight.  But if you are comfortable about yourself, then it does not matter what others my think.  So when someone does give their opinion of you or what you do, then you can let it slide off you instead of being angry and upset.

Process things before you react to them.   If you are tempted to just react when something happens to you, stop yourself and take time to process what you may have seen and heard.  It can be easy to act impulsively and make the wrong move, creating a situation that may be worse than it may have been.  Many situations do not require an immediate response, so take time to work out a suitable response.  The time taken also allows your emotions to pass that immediate response emotion and allow rational thinking to be used.

Consider your options, so you don’t just say “no”.   If you are struggling with the number of things to be done, and someone asks for something else to be also done, don’t say no without taking time to consider if it may be beneficial to you and you may be somehow be able to adjust things to do the request, and therefore be able to “go with the flow”.

Allow time to enjoy life’s little pleasures.   Being caught up in your everyday obligations can be very easy, and you may forget to see and enjoy things and people that are around you.  Distractions can be everywhere including past, current and future tasks and obligations.  If you are not present in what you are doing at the moment, you can miss out on life’s little pleasures.  To help be in the here and now, meditation can your brain reduce unneeded activity and let you be at ease in the moment.

Know your Life priorities..   Be aware of what is and what is not important in your life, then you may be able to easily let go of things which are less important and could use up a lot of time and energy.

Remove the need to multitask.   Sometimes we may feel obliged to do many things at once.  Focus on one area so all you energy can be on it to ensure a successful finish and a feeling of accomplishment.  Then move on to the next task.  This method ensures effective and efficient completed activities, without you being over stressed from stimulation from multiple directions.

Don’t put too many things in your schedule.   Trying to tightly pack activities in your day will not allow for anything that may take longer than expected, so leave some free time including breaks to allow yourself to “breathe”.  Also consider time for activities that relax you, and help rejuvenate your body and soul.

Keep things in Perspective.   Worrying about everything that happens to you will make you frustrated and stressed out.  Problems can grow out of proportion to their size, and may make you feel that they cannot be solved.  If something bad or major happens, ask yourself if it is the end of the world and can you survive it?  The answer should always be yes, so that you can work out how to accomplish it.  Freaking out does not help anyone. “Don’t sweat the small stuff”.

Remember that you have control over your life.   If life feels chaotic and beyond control, it can be easy to get worked up and flustered.  But this is rarely the case, as usually you have choices which sometimes may be difficult but still are yours.

If you feel that life is spinning like a huge storm, remember that you can do things to change your situation.  When you do this, it will de-power the situation and allow you to ride out what may come your way.

Being laid back is a matter of choice, not chance.  If you do things to help keep you calm and put things into proper perspective, it will happen automatically.  Pretty soon you will be admired for being cool and calm.

Information source:  Operation-Meditation


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