Some positives from Coronavirus

Although the Coronavirus outbreak has created huge challenges for everyone around the world, there are some positives developing from the situation for various aspects of our environment. Reports from many places around the world advise that due to the vastly reduced human and vehicle activity, things such as air quality has improved and water pollution is reducing.

Examples include that air pollution in Denmark has reduced by 30%, Columbia has opened up a network of bike lanes in their capital Bogota to reduce vehicle activity to help improve air quality which will help stop the spread of the Coronavirus, air pollution is clearing over northern Italy where also the Venice canals are becoming clear to enable them see aquatic life, cities in China report that Carbon Dioxide emissions are down by 25% during February, New York and Los Angeles air quality is reported to be vastly improved since people were made to stay home and there are very few vehicles on the roads.

Los Angles freeway with congestion.
Venice canals becoming clear so they can see fish and plant life.

The reduced use of fossil fuels which produce large amounts of Carbon Dioxide have also helped to contribute to the improvement which is evident from satellite images, such as those taken of parts of Europe and also China as shown below.

Combined NASA Satellite image of China over dates indicated.

Pollution in it’s various forms continues to reduce, according to reports which are widespread. But when after the Coronavirus has passed and Countries try to stimulate their economies, there is a huge danger that the environment may be ignored in search of cheap ways to provide energy, etc. Hopefully there will be strong consideration given to how we can maintain these environmental improvements where possible.

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