Kindness Quotes for these tough times

In these times with the many disruptions caused by the Coronavirus and the changing ways we need to interact with each other, we are reminded of how much we need to be kind and to be even more considerate to each other. These can be even more so during periods of restricted social interaction and confinement. The following are some quotes to suit our changing times, which we hope will help everyone to be as happy and self assured as they can be in their situation.

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First and foremost, we need to be the adults we want our children to be. We should watch our own gossiping and anger. We should model the kindness we want to see.
Brene Brown

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Happy elderly couple in love enjoying summer day together

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates Love. – Lao Tzu

If you have the chance to be exposed to a loving, understanding environment where the seed of compassion, loving kindness, can be watered every day, then you become a more loving person. – Thich Nhat Hanh

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Look after yourself and those around you, and contemplate all the many good aspects of what life holds for everyone after the virus has passed.

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