Amusing Pics

A variety of images to help give you a smile and a laugh.

Funny image of a young child with play type paint over it's face and clothes.
Photo by Willian Oliveira on

Photo by Tranmautritam on

Photo by Gratisography on

The cow on the right has it’s strap from it’s nose ring caught over the horn of the cow on the left. Not any easy thing to do????

Funny joke image of two cows looking at camera.
Photo by Marcos Abreu on

Mario Brothers !!

Funny image of two Mario characters and a green dragon.
Photo by Pixabay on

Laughing on high!

Funny joke image, has a dog sitting on it's behind with front legs in a begging position.
Photo by @rrinna on

Funny joke shows a clown sitting and giving thumbs up sign.
Photo by Jimmy bronx01 on

A dog on a leash with a woman owner, has stopped and lain on it's stomach in the middle of a street.
Photo by Megan Markham on

Large yellow Pokemon character in a parade.
Photo by mentatdgt on

Photo by Skitterphoto on

Photo by Digital Buggu on

Photo by Charles on

Photo by Laurie Gouley on

Photo by u00darsula Madariaga on

Photo: Mary McGowan Brandon


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