Green up for St Patrick’s Day

Even if you’re not Irish, it is good fun to get into some green things for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations where seeing green means you’re celebrating right. The day is celebrated in a variety of ways around the world, so you will need to adapt the following suggestions to suit where you may want to be a part of the festivities. With a little effort and not needing the luck of the Irish, you can come up with some green items and clothing that will get you in the festive mood and having you look the part.

The image below has examples of great green clothing and accessories that can be obtained or created yourself, to have you looking your best for St. Patrick’s Day.

Saint Patrick's Day parade with lots of Green.  Three ladies dressed in a variety of green items, to get them in the festive mood.

If going to a parade, this may provide some suggestions.

Crowd scene of people with lots of green clothing and accessories at a St Patrick's Day parade.

Perhaps you may want to include your pets, so the image below has an example of an easy and fun item.

Dog with head band with a green Irish hat, for St Patrick's Day.
Photo by Laurie Gouley on

Just an item or two can be enough to get you looking like you are part of the festivities, like these people.

Four people in some green clothes celebrating St Patrick's Day.

If really getting into the mood of a parade or party, these people may inspire you choice of what to get.

Three people with complete gree outfits and gear at a St Patrick's Day parade.

These people are also great examples for getting into the parade gear.

St Patrick's Day parade people dressed in a variety of green items.

Most of all, if there is the opportunity of festivities, then be a part of it.

St Patrick's Day people in green clothes and items celebrating the day.


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