Are these Life Quotes remembered too Late

Most of us practice quotes, usually without realising it. We may have read or heard them at some time, or perhaps had the result of them passed on to us by someone we hold in high regard such as parents, friends, work mates or prominent public figures.

Two stressed men in an office.

The quote of “if you have nothing nice to say, then it is better to say nothing” is something most of us practice, probably everyday in some way. Unfortunately this is sometimes forgotten in the heat of the moment, which can cause unforeseen consequences at times, especially for public figures such as some politicians where the press and opponents will not let the subject be forgotten.

Usually it is better to take deep breathes, think relaxing thoughts, smile, and if suitable then walk away. In the long run it is usually better to maintain the relationship.

This type of situation also could apply to the quote, “don’t make an enemy of someone, you may later need them as a friend”. It may not seem so at the time, but quite often in life this can apply in the workplace and in our personal life.

Calm man between two two shouting women.
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