Penguins Cool

Penguins are extremely hardy creatures, as they thrive in the coldest environment on Earth with some species, such as the Emperor Penguin, living year round on the ice.

Climate change provides huge threats for many Penguin species, as it impacts many aspects of our World, such as when there is large reduction in ice fields. We can be thankful that many groups and people provide images of these creatures and their environment, which helps to gauge any changes that occur.

Photo credit Christopher Michel

This Emperor Penguin is jumping out of the water after being out looking for food, and is probably about join the group shown in the background.

A breeding colony of Emperor Penguins.

A baby Emperor Penguin enjoying life with one of it’s parents, and being out from between the parent’s legs where it usually stays.

Photo: James Lusk

Some of these are on their belly, ready to push off with their feet to slide along, instead of their slower walking speed.

Fairy Penguins can be found in many locations such as southern Australia, especially at breeding time as shown with this pair in front of a burrow that is typically used.

Photo by Laurie Goodman

Gentoo Penguins on the move.

A Gentoo Penguin jumping out of the water, probably to improve it’s speed while trying catch some prey.

Enjoying some sunshine.

A pair of Jackass Penguins, pausing while getting to know each other.

A big group of young Emperor Penguins being looked after by some adults, while other adults are away hunting for food for their young.

Caught in mid air as it leaves the water in a way that Penguins are well known for.

Some of a large colony of Emperor Penguins.

Photo credit Gary Miller

Baby Emperor Penguin checking it’s new world.

Another breeding colony, these with a well developed young which is good to see that they are continuing to thrive.

Thank you to all the photographers for these great shots and for being in the right place at the right time.

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