Clever but playful dog

A woman and her family had two playful boxer dogs, Max and Daisy.  One day she gave them each a bone.  They both enjoyed them for a while, then Max decided that he wanted to play, so he went off and hid his.

Max came back and tried to pester Daisy to join in, but she wasn’t interested.  He kept doing silly things, such as running around and jumping at her, but nothing worked. He stood and thought for a minute, then started to walk away.  Suddenly, bang, he fell over flat on his side and lay still, as though he was dead. Daisy watched as she chewed her bone, then the chewing got slower as she tilted her head to look at him.  Max remained totally still.  Finally it got the better of her, and Daisy got up and went over for a look.

Max jumped up and pounced on her, then grabbed her bone and took off.  The chase was on.

From a report by Wendy B

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