Animal and People Friends

It’s fair to say that many people enjoy the friendship of domestic animals, while many also have had the opportunity to be friends with wild animals. This friendship includes a special trust between the person and the animal, especially by animals which are usually in the wild. Here is a collection of images which show the special bond of friendship between people with their favourite friend.

A Tiger from the wild has established a strong bond with it’s human carer.

The special mutual bond between a child and their pet.

Obviously happy to see each other.

Good friends, even for such a young animal.

Sometimes food helps to create that trust between the two.

Absolute trust and enjoyment of their friendship.

A dog can provide unconditional love.

Sometimes it may be a brief friendship, but still enjoyed by both.

A tiger and a monk share a very unique friendship.

These domestic pets show their obvious interest in whatever their human companion is doing.

A wild gorilla sharing a moment with a protector in a wildlife reserve.

A squirrel enjoying the company of it’s favourite human.

A bear, a tiger and a human sharing a friendship is extremely unusual, but this shows it can happen and be rewarding for all.

Young friends indeed.

Enjoying each other company.

Plenty of happy domestic animals here.

Friendship in a wildlife reserve.

A lifetime of respect shown here by the famous Jane Goodall.

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