Policeman stops speeding Driver

When the policemen saw the man speed past, he pulled him over and asked for his licence and registration.  “I lost my licence after my fifth drink driving offence,” the driver replied calmly.  “I’ll give you the registration, but don’t freak out when I open the glove compartment because I’ve got a couple of guns in there.  And if you should search the car, don’t be surprised if you find some drugs and illegal immigrants in the boot.”

Alarmed, the policemen went back to his car and called for back-up. Moments later a police van swept down on the car.  The driver was handcuffed as the team searched the vehicle.

“There are no drugs or guns in this car,” the team leader said to the driver.

“Of course there aren’t,” the driver replied.  “And I suppose that policeman told you that I was speeding too.”

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