Unlikely Animal Friends

There have been many unlikely friendships between a variety of animals during the last decade.  Here are some great examples that show animals are not forced to be friends and really do enjoy each other’s company, including playing together.

A Giraffe and an Ostrich became good friends and willingly spent lots of time together in a large enclosure of 65 acres in the US. Image credits: PA

A wild fox and a domestic dog met in the forests of Norway and also became the best of friends, spending lots of time together including playing.  The dog’s owner provided the images. Image credits: Torgeir Berge

A Labrador willingly took up the care of a young Duckling after it’s mother was seriously injured. Image credits:  SWNS

A wild Deer and a Rabbit were seen together, showing another unusual close friendship. Image credits:  Tanja Askani

An Elephant and a Labrador in a game reserve in the US also showed that size does not matter when they formed a strong bond and spent lots of time together including swimming when the dog used the Elephant as a diving board. Image credits: Barry Bland

Two Tiger cubs were adopted by a Chimpanzee (and it’s caretaker) after the cubs were rescued following a natural disaster at a US animal reserve. Image credits:  Barry Bland.

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